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Monthly eQuizzes

Our monthly online Quizzes are structured so that you are able to compete anytime – anywhere! 


A new Quiz starts at the beginning of each month which consists of four rounds. Each round is released on a Friday every week eg week 1 – round 1, week 2 -round 2 etc. You can join and compete at any point in time but all answers for that month must be submitted by the last day of the month. 

Each round of questions will be a different format for example general knowledge multiple choice round, a music round, a picture round or a film round to name but a few. So get ready and strap in to win some awesome prizes every month – the more competitors the better the prizes!

Compete Individually

Prove you are the King or Queen of Quiz by competing by yourself against all the other teams. Get your friends involved and see who is the best!

Compete as a household

Elect a Team Captain and come together as a family or join up with your housemates and compete as one team.

Compete as a remote team

Reconnect with friends and family across the the world by electing a Team Captain and compete as remote team.

Types of Quizzes

League Quiz

Compete in our monthly league eQuiz to stand a chance to win CASH prizes every month, get your name in the Hall of Fame and get the chance to compete in the end of year finals!

This is a general knowledge Quiz that will follow the below format:

  • Week 1 – Speed Round
  • Week 2 – Music Round
  • Week 3 – Picture Round
  • Week 4 – Film Round

Themed Quiz

A new month – a new theme! Compete and stand a chance to win themed hampers every month and get your name in the Hall of Fame!

Below are our upcoming themed Quizzes:

  • Harry Potter – August 2020
  • Disney – September 2020
  • Marvel – October 2020
  • Game of Thrones – November 2020
  • Star Wars + Christmas – December 2020
  • Friends – January 2021
  • 50 Shades of Grey – February 2021
  • Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit – March 2021
  • Top Gear – April 2021
  • Grey’s Anatomy – May 2021
  • Big Bang Theory  – June 2021
  • DC Comics – July 2021

Sports Quiz with Forever Sports

We have partnered with Forever Sports to bring you a range of sports Quizzes throughout the year. Win incredible prizes and get your name in the Hall of Fame.

The general monthly Sports Quiz will follow the below format that will test both your current and historical sports knowledge:

  • Week 1 – Football Round
  • Week 2 – Cricket Round
  • Week 3 – Rugby Round
  • Week 4 – General Sports Round

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